“I’ve been working too hard,” he said at last. “That must be the reason. Must see about consulting a specialist.”

     Doubtless it was Bepin’s condition which made Chunilal leave without mentioning anything about a job.

     Paresh Chanda was a young physician with a pair of bright eyes and a sharp nose. He became thoughtful when he heard about Bepin Babu’s symptoms. “Look, Dr Chanda,” said Bepin Babu desperately, “You must cure me of this horrible illness. I can’t tell you how it's affecting my work.”
When Chunilal expressed his concern for Bepin's health, he agreed to his point saying that it was likely due to his office employment. Because, there was a possibility that Bepin was losing his mind since he had been working so hard and not getting enough rest. Also, he told Chunilal that he would seek medical advice on his ailment.
Chunilal did not speak further. He took leave from Bepin's place as he did not want to disturb Bepin during his illness. As a result, Bepin sought advice from Paresh Chanda. Paresh Chanda was a bright-eyed young physician with a sharp nose.
Initially, when Paresh Chanda learnt about the problem of Bepin, he had no idea how to approach the situation.
Doctor's confusion.png
Paresh Chanda's confusion
For a long time, he was seriously considering Bepin's symptoms. Bepin couldn't wait any longer for Paresh Chanda to analyse his problem since he was in a hopeless situation. He asked the doctor to help him recover from partial memory loss, which was interfering with his work. Even during illness, Bepin was worried about his work.
Meaning of difficult words:
Thoughtful Thinking seriously about something 
DesperateThe state of losing hope
Physician A doctor
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