One afternoon, when the sun was going down, a mother and her little boy sat at the door of their cottage, talking about the Great Stone Face. They had only to lift their eyes and there it was, plain to be seen, though miles away, with the sunshine brightening all its features.

     And what was the Great Stone Face?
     The Great Stone Face was a work of nature, formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rocks, which had been thrown together so that, when viewed at a proper distance, they resembled the features of a human face. If the spectator approached too near, he lost the outline of the enormous face and could see only a heap of gigantic rocks, piled one upon another. But seen from a distance, the clouds clustering about it, the Great Stone Face seemed positively to be alive. It was the belief of many people that the valley owed much of its fertility to the benign face that was continually beaming over it.

It was a fine day when a mother and her son sat near their cottage door, discussing about ‘The Great Stone Face’.
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Mother's discussion with her Son
Now, let us see what The Great Stone Face is all about. The Great stone face was a creation by the hands of nature. A lot of rocks accumulated together on a perpendicular mountainside, forming all the attributes of a human face. It would be possible to clearly view the Great stone face from a distance, while it’s impossible when being close to it as we could only figure out the huge rocks on the mountain and not the sketch of its face. The everlasting smile on Great stone’s kind, pleasant face, is believed to be responsible for the valley’s richness.
Meanings of difficult words:
S. No.
A small old-model house generally built in the countryside
A person who watches something
Extremely large in size
Group formation
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