A mother and her little boy, as we said earlier, sat at the door of their cottage, gazing at the Great Stone Face and talking about it. The child’s name was Ernest.

     “Mother,” said he, while the Great Face smiled on him, “I wish that it could speak, for it looks so very kindly that its voice must indeed be pleasant. If I ever see a man with such a face, I should love him very much.”

     “If an old prophecy should come to pass,” answered his mother, “we may see a man some time, with exactly such a face as that.
     “What prophecy do you mean, dear Mother?” eagerly inquired Ernest. “Please tell me about it.”

     So his mother told him a story that her own mother had told her, when she herself was younger than little Ernest; that, at some future day, a child should be born near here, who was destined to become the greatest and noblest person of his time and whose face, in manhood, should bear an exact resemblance to the Great Stone Face. Many still had faith in this old prophecy. But others took it to be nothing but idle talk. At all events the great man of the prophecy had not yet appeared.

     “O, Mother,” cried Ernest, clapping his hands above his head, “I do hope that I shall live to see him!”
As discussed earlier, the story starts with the conversation between a mother and her son, named Ernest, on the legend of The Great Stone Face.
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The kid expressing his wish to the Mother
The child expresses his wish to the mother, as, the attraction towards the kindness on the stone’s face makes him expect its voice; imagining it to be a pleasant one. Secondly, the child also wishes to see a man with such a lovely face.
Hearing these wishes from the kid, the mother proceeds to quote a fantastic legend behind this ‘Great Stone Face’ portrayed by their ancestors. The curious kid when demanded an explanation to this old prophecy, his mother started to narrate the story that she heard from her mother; as, how their ancestors believed that a child will be born in the future, resembling the Great Stone’s Face, exhibiting great, noble qualities among others of its period. Though this doesn’t happen still, it is believed by some likely to happen in the future, while others refuse to believe in it.  Hoping the wish to be granted in the future, the child happily applauded, desiring to live while the legend comes alive.
Meanings of difficult words:
S. No.
Any statement that foretells a future event beforehand
With more interest and excitement
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