Jody gave himself over to thoughts of the fawn. They passed the abandoned clearing.
     He said, “Cut to the north, Mill-wheel. It was up here that Pa got bitten by the snake and killed the doe and I saw the fawn.”
     Suddenly Jody was unwilling to have Mill-wheel with him. If the fawn was dead, or could not be found, he could not have his disappointment seen. And if the fawn was there, the meeting would be so lovely and so secret that he could not endure to share it.
     He said, “It’s not far now, but the scrub is very thick for a horse. I can make it on foot.”
Jody was thinking about the fawn as he rode toward the forest in pursuit of the fawn. They passed through a deserted clearing. Jody gave Mill-wheel directions, telling him to head north, where Penny had been bitten by a snake. He had killed the doe and seen the fawn there only.
Suddenly, Jody became unwilling to be with Mill-wheel and there was a cause for it. Jody reasoned that if the fawn was dead or couldn't be located, he didn't want Mill-wheel to witness his dissatisfaction. On the other hand, if he found the fawn, the reunion would be so lovely and intimate that he would be unable to bear sharing it. As a result, Jody told Mill-wheel that the fawn he had seen was not far from where they had arrived, and that riding a horse through the bushes ahead would be tough, and that he might instead go by foot. Jody tried to avoid Mill-wheel since he didn't want to share his joy or sorrow over the fawn hunt with him.
Meaning of difficult words:
ClearingRefers to an open area with few or no trees in the middle of a forest
Scrub Refers to small trees and plants
Disappointment Unhappiness as a result of expectations not being met
Endure To deal with painful or unpleasant situation for a long time
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