Mill-wheel mounted his horse and pulled Jody up behind him. He said to Mill-wheel,
     “Do you think the fawn’s still there? Will you help me find him?”
     “We’ll find him if he’s alive. How you know it’s a he?”
     “The spots were all in a line. On a doe-fawn, Pa says the spots are every which way…”
Mill-wheel climbed onto his horse and assisted Jody in securing a seat behind him. As Jody worried about the fawn's whereabouts, he asked Mill-wheel whether he thought the fawn would still be there, and if not, if Mill-wheel could assist in locating the fawn in the deep forest.
Mill-wheel assured Jody that they would locate the fawn if it were still alive. He also asked how Jody knew the fawn was a boy. Mill-wheel asked him this question because Jody kept referring to the fawn as 'he.' Jody informed Mill-wheel that he was sure since the fawn's spots were all in a row. His father had taught him that the marks on a doe-fawn or female deer are orientated in different directions.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
WhereaboutsThe place where somebody or something is
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