Mill-wheel said, “He can ride back with me. I’ll help him find it.”
     She set down the pot helplessly.
     “Well, if you’ll give it your milk—we’ve got nothing else to feed it.”
     Mill-wheel said, “Come on, boy. We’ve got to get riding.”
     Ma Baxter asked anxiously, “You’ll not be gone long?”
     Jody said, “I’ll be back before dinner for sure. ”
Mill-Wheel offered to take Jody on a ride and assist him in his search for the fawn. Jody's mother, on the other hand, felt helpless but agreed to Jody's request since she thought it was ungrateful to leave the fawn hungry and alone in the forest.
Jody's mother agreed to bring the fawn home provided Jody would share his milk with the fawn because they didn't have anything else to feed it. Jody was overjoyed at her mother's approval. Immediately, Mill-wheel asked Jody to come along and said that they needed to go.
Jody's mother was concerned about his safety and worried about his journey, but Jody promised Ma Baxter that he would be back before dinner.
Meaning of difficult words:
Anxious Feeling worried or nervous
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