He said, “Ma, Pa says I can go bring back the fawn.”
     She held the coffee pot in mid-air.
     “What fawn?”
     “The fawn belonging to the doe we killed. We used the doe’s liver to draw out the poison and save Pa.”
     She gasped.
     “Well, for pity sake—”
     “Pa says it would be ungrateful to leave it to starve.”
     Doc Wilson said, “That’s right, Ma’am. Nothing in the world comes quite free. The boy’s right and his daddy’s right.”
While his mother was pouring coffee, Jody began a conversation with her. He informed her that Penny had permitted him to take the fawn home. Jody's mother was motionless for a moment and held the coffee pot in the air, asking which fawn he was referring to.
Jody clarified that he was referring to the doe's fawn, which they had killed in order to save Penny's life. He reminded his mother that they were able to extract poison from Penny's body and preserve his life with the aid of the doe's liver. She let out a sigh as Jody reminded her of the reason for bringing the fawn to their house.
Jody informed her that it would be ungrateful of them to leave the fawn to starve in the forest before she could say that they might bring the fawn home for the sake of sympathy. Doctor Wilson, who was there throughout Jody and his mother's discussion, agreed with Jody's point of view and added his own: 'Nothing in life is free.' Both Jody and his father were correct; he informed Jody's mother.
The conversation between Ma Baxter and her son Jody above reveals three things. Penny had been bitten by a snake and needed assistance, so a doe was killed and the doe's liver was used as a home medicine to rescue him. Jody had a hard time leaving the doe's kid alone because he was a sensitive boy.
Meaning of difficult words:
Starve Suffering or death as a result of a lack of food
SighTo take and let out a long deep breath
Sensitive Able to understand other people and their feelings
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