He said, enchanted, “I’ll carry you after I get my breath.”
     He remembered his father saying that a fawn would follow if it had first been carried. He started away slowly. The fawn stared after him. He came back to it and stroked it and walked away again. It took a few wobbling steps toward him and cried piteously. It was willing to follow him. It belonged to him. It was his own. He was light-headed with his joy. He wanted to fondle it, to run and romp with it, to call to it to come to him. He dared not alarm it. He picked it up and carried it in front of him over his two arms. It seemed to him that he walked without effort.
Jody, who was overjoyed, told the fawn that he would carry it after he had had some rest. Jody remembered his father telling him that a fawn would follow us if it had first been carried. He wanted to check it out, so he started walking away from it. The fawn was staring at Jody, but it did not follow him. He then returned to the fawn and gently stroked its skin and again walked away. The fawn started walking towards Jody this time, though it couldn't properly walk and cried piteously.
The Fawn followed Jody.jpg
The Fawn followed Jody
Jody was delighted because the fawn was willing to go with him, which made the fawn his own. His joy almost made him dizzy. He wanted to stroke it, run about with it, and call it over to him. He didn't want to alarm it. He took it up and carried it over his two arms in front of him. His happiness made him feel as if he were walking effortlessly.
Meaning of difficult words:
WobblySomething that is unstable and shaky
RompTo play in a happy and noisy way
Light-headedNot in control of your thoughts or movements
EnchantedPleased or delighted
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