His arms began to ache and he was forced to stop again. When he walked on, the fawn followed him at once. He allowed it to walk a little distance, then picked it up again. The distance home was nothing. He could have walked all day and into the night, carrying it and watching it follow. He was wet with sweat but a light breeze blew through the June morning, cooling him. The sky was as clear as spring water in a blue china cup. He came to the clearing. It was fresh and green after the night’s rain. He fumbled with the latch and was finally obliged to set down the fawn to manage it. Then, he had an idea — he would walk into the house, into Penny’s bedroom, with the fawn walking behind him. But at the steps, the fawn balked and refused to climb them. He picked it up and went to his father. Penny lay with closed eyes.
     Jody called, “Pa! Look!”
Jody felt as if he was the happiest person in the world. He was even more ecstatic when he carried the fawn in his arms. Though he was determined about not putting it (the fawn) down, his arms ached and he had to come to a halt once more. He couldn't walk so long holding the fawn since he was a small child. When he walked, the fawn followed him once more. Jody couldn't stand it any longer (the fawn) and picked it back up. They were on their way to Jody's house.
Though Jody could have walked all day and into the night with the fawn following him, though he was too tired and began to sweat. A mild wind cooled him, and the sky appeared to be as clear as a spring water in a blue china cup. Spring water is often pure and colourless, and the colloidal particles in spring water give it a milky white look, therefore the sky was compared to spring water in a blue china cup in this scene. Jody's inner power in attaining his objective is also represented by the spring water. He reached the clearing at last which was green and fresh after the last night's rain.
Jody followed through on his promise to his mother that he would be home before dinner. He arrived at his house and struggled to open the door holding the fawn. He had an idea of making the fawn follow him directly into Penny’s room and surprise him. Jody had to carry the fawn to his father's room since it wouldn't climb the stairs. His father slept with his eyes closed. Jody called him and proudly showed the fawn he had brought home.
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