Penny turned his head. Jody stood beside him, the fawn clutched hard against him. It seemed to Penny that the boy’s eyes were as bright as the fawn’s. He said, “I’m glad you found him.”
     Jody then went to the kitchen. The fawn wobbled after him. A pan of morning’s milk stood in the kitchen safe. The cream had risen on it. He skimmed the cream into a jug. He poured milk into a small gourd. He held it out to the fawn. It butted it suddenly, smelling the milk. He saved it precariously from spilling over the floor. It could make nothing of the milk in the gourd.
Penny opened his eyes and saw Jody, who was standing beside him. The fawn was clutching Jody tightly because it was terrified of just seeing Penny. To Penny, Jody's eyes looked as bright as the fawn's eyes. Penny noticed a sense of accomplishment in Jody's eyes when he saw him with the fawn. "I'm glad you found him.", says Penny, expressing his happiness to Jody.
Jody then went into the kitchen because he knew that the fawn would be too hungry without its mother. The hungry fawn followed him with its unsteady steps. Jody then noticed some milk in the kitchen, which had cream on it. He then skimmed the cream and poured the milk into a small gourd, and offered it to the fawn. The fawn hit the gourd because it didn't know how to sip the milk from it and was hungry, and Jody saved it from spilling over the floor. The fawn couldn't drink the milk from the gourd.
Meaning of difficult words:
Precariously In a way that is not safe
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