He dipped his fingers in the milk and thrust them into the fawn’s soft wet mouth. It sucked greedily. When he withdrew them, it bleated frantically and butted him. He dipped his fingers again and as the fawn sucked, he lowered them slowly into the milk. The fawn blew and sucked and snorted. It stamped its small hoofs impatiently. As long as he held his fingers below the level of the milk, the fawn was content. It closed its eyes dreamily. It was ecstasy to feel its tongue against his hand. Its small tail flicked back and forth. The last of the milk vanished in a swirl of foam and gurgling.
As the fawn didn't know how to drink from the gourd, Jody helped the fawn sip the milk by dipping his fingers in it and placing it in the fawn's mouth. The fawn sucked the milk greedily because it was hungry, and when Jody withdrew his fingers from its mouth, it cried and hit him with its head. Jody carefully lowered the fawn's mouth the next time he put his fingers in it, bringing it closer to the gourd.
The fawn grew irritated, blew milk while sucking it, and made noises. The fawn remained quiet until Jody kept his fingers in the milk, and it drank contentedly with its eyes closed. When Jody felt its tongue against his fingers as his little tail waved back and forth, he felt overwhelmed.
If a fawn wags its tail, it indicates that it is at peace and that everything is alright. The orphaned fawn had returned to its normal condition and was no longer hungry, despite the absence of its mother. The milk quickly disappeared, leaving froth and a gurgling sound.
Jody was relieved to see that he would be able to serve and care for the baby fawn in the future, even if he couldn't completely replace his mother. Jody's kind and thankful heart has finally saved a life.
Meaning of difficult words:
Thrust To push forward something quickly and forcibly
FranticExtremely worried and scared about a situation 
SnortTo make a loud noise through your nose
Flick To move or make something move 
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