“Here’s your food.”

     Velu was shocked. “Are we going to eat their leftovers?”

     “Chey! What do you think I am? A dog? I only take untouched food. Here, some more, catch!” She threw him a Vada. Velu looked at it with distaste.
     “Come on, hero, eat it! You think I like it? I told you I’ll find you something to eat. Don’t think I have money to buy food for you. You’d better eat what you get until you have your own money.”

     Velu hesitated, but his stomach squeezed him again. He gulped down the banana and Vada. His stomach felt better immediately. He could have eaten at least ten times more, but the girl could find only one more banana which she ate herself.
Velu was shocked after seeing the girl taking the banana from a pile of waste. Velu asked her whether they were going to eat the leftover from the dustbin. The girl said, "Chey! What do you think I am? A dog?" . She said, "Here, some more, catch!” It shows how the street children are fighting for food like a dog. Later on, she threw a Vada at him.

The girl explained that Velu had to eat this leftover because he was new to the town and did not have enough money to buy a portion of good food. Even she, too, did not like to have such food. Due to their poverty and lack of money, they had to eat something to reduce their appetite. The poverty made them eat food from the trash, showing how food is important for them. In this current world, people are wasting a lot of food daily. If we think about the lives of Velu and the little girl, we will not waste food. Apart from leaving the leftover in the garbage, we can give it to someone who needs food.

The girl said that Velu would get better food when he starts earning by himself. Until then, he will have to eat such food. Velu's stomach started making sound, and he felt hungry. To overcome his hunger, Velu took the banana and Vada and gulped down. After eating banana and Vada, his stomach felt better. His appetite makes him eat more than usual, but he found only one banana behind the garbage and ate it. Later on, the girl took a banana, and she ate it.
Meanings of the difficult words:
ShockedCause someone to feel surprised and upset
SqueezedFirmly press (something soft or yielding), typically with one's fingers
Gulped downTo swallow rapidly
Appetite A natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food
DistasteMild dislike or aversion
UntouchedNot handled, used, or tasted
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