After almost an hour of walking, they stopped in front of a big building. Sri Rajarajeshwari Prasanna Kalyana Mandapam read Velu slowly. A sign with letters made of flowers said, Groom: J. V. Vinayagan, Bride: Rani. Velu stared at the big cars parked outside. One of the cars had a flower garland and roses taped onto it. The girl looked around, pulled one off quickly and stuck it in her hair.

     “Come on,” she said.

     “Are we going to eat here?” asked Velu, looking at the huge hall and the people inside.
     “Hopes!” said the girl shaking her thumb under his nose. She led him behind the hall. There was a big garbage bin overflowing with rubbish. Two goats were standing on the pile, fighting for a banana leaf. A cloud of flies buzzed around their legs. There was a rotten smell in the air. The girl picked up a squashy banana and held it out to Velu.
After walking for an hour, Velu and the girl stopped in front of a big building. The building was a marriage hall. Velu tried to read the auditorium's name, and it was written as Sri Rajarajeshwari Prasanna Kalyana Mandapam. A board was hanging outside the mandapam, and it was decorated with beautiful flowers. On the top of the board, the names of the groom and bride were written. The groom was J. V. Vinayagan, and the bride was Rani.

A large number of cars were parked outside the mandapam. Velu and the girl stared at the cars that were parked outside the marriage hall. One of the cars was beautifully decorated with a garland of flowers and roses. The bride and groom use the decorated car after the wedding. On seeing many flowers, the girl took a rose from the car and stuck it in her hair.

The girl asked Velu, let's go inside. Velu was staring at her and asked whether they were going to had food from the Kalyana mandapam. Both of them went back side of the mandapam. The girl took him behind the hall. There he saw a big dust bin. The bins were overflowing with rubbish. Flies and insects were circling over the waste. Two goats were standing over the pile of trash and were fighting for the banana leaves. According to Indian custom, people serve food on banana leaves during festive occasions, ceremonies and wedding parties.
Flies and insects were circling over the wastes

Velu saw a cloud of flies buzzing around their legs. It made him feel unhygienic. A foul smell came out from the garbage. The girl took a squashy banana from the dust bin and gave it to Velu.
Meanings of the difficult words:
GarlandA wreath of flowers and leaves, worn on the head or hung as a decoration
UnhygienicNot clean or sanitary
RubbishWaste material; refuse or litter
GarbageRubbish or waste, especially domestic refuse
SquashyEasily crushed or squeezed into a different shape; having a soft consistency
Rotten Suffering from decay
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