Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was born in the Anga village in the Khushab district on 20th November 1916. He was a well-known writer in Urdu literature. Qasmi was not only a poet but also a journalist, literary critic, and dramatist.
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was the author of many short stories that got enormous popularity in Pakistan and other countries. He wrote around fifty books on different topics such as poetry, fiction, criticism, and journalism. Qasmi was considered a notable person in Urdu literature and greatly appreciated by the large community of readers. His poetry of humanism distinguished him from the other Urdu writers and poets.
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi*
Some of his prestigious awards are,
  • Pride of Performance Award by President of Pakistan (1968)
  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz by President of Pakistan (1980)
Some of his short story collections are,
  • Chopaal
  • Afsanay
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi passed away on 10th July 2006 in Lahore.