The short story "Jalebis" is written by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi. The story was written in Urdu, and later it was translated into English by Sufiya Pathan in the year \(2000\).

The short story "Jalebis" deals with Munna's difficulties when he spends his money on eating crispy Jalebis.
The characters of the story are,
  • Munna (the narrator)
  • Master Ghulam Mohammed
  • Halwai (sweetmeat seller)
  • Chachajaan (uncle in Urdu)
  • Children from neighbourhood
  • Beggars
  • Doctor
  • Elders near railway track
  • Mamu
  • Big hairy worm
  • Four coins (personified in the story)
  • Allah miyan (the phenomenon doesn't take place)
The moral of the lesson "Jalebis" is that one must face the consequences of any mistakes one made. In such a situation, not even God can save them. As a result, one should think twice before doing something.