The story of "The Comet II" is a continuation of Jayant Narlikar's "The Comet I." While the story of 'The Comet', Part I revolves around an amateur astronomer's discovery (Comet Dutta) and a British scientist's prediction about that discovery, 'The Comet', Part II centres on Duttada's superstitious family and the precautions taken to avoid the Comet Dutta colliding with the Earth.
Despite the fact that science has advanced to the point that we now have logical answers and solutions to many issues, some individuals still trust in superstitions to solve issues. We must learn to tackle every problem logically, based on experience and established facts, rather than using illogical methods to arrive at an accurate solution. Despite the fact that Duttada assisted his family by clearly stating the facts about Comet Dutta, they felt that a yajna would aid them in preserving the Earth, which seemed illogical.
Characters involved:
Sir John Macpherson: The British Government's Defence Science Advisor, who organised the world conference in order to seek a solution to Comet Dutta's issue.
Sir James Forsyth: A British scientist who predicted the Comet Dutta's threat to Earth
Experts and scientists: Participants at the international conference organised by Duttada
Manoj Dutta/Duttada: An amateur astronomer who discovered Comet Dutta
Indrani Debi: Duttada's wife
Sibaji babu: Duttada's younger brother
Khoka: Duttada's eight-year-old grandson
The telex operator: A special messenger in Calcutta who delivered urgent telex message from the British Council to Duttada