“Will you teach me?” asked his enemy.

     “If you like, I will teach you.”

     “You must teach me. If you do not teach me, I will beat you. Will you come here every day and teach me?”

     “If you like,” said Ranji. They had pulled themselves out of the water, and were sitting side by side on a smooth grey rock.

     “My name is Suraj,” said the warrior. “What is yours?”

     “It is Ranji.”

     “I am strong, am I not?” asked Suraj, bending his arm so that a ball of muscle stood up stretching the white of his flesh.”

     “You are strong,” said Ranji. “You are a real pahelwan.”

     “One day I will be the world’s champion wrestler,” said Suraj, slapping his thighs, which shook with the impact of his hand. He looked critically at Ranji’s hard, thin body. “You are quite strong yourself,” he conceded. “But you are too bony. I know, you people do not eat enough. You must, come and have your food with me. I drink one seer of milk every day. We have got our own cow! Be my friend, and I will make you a pahelwan like me! I know — if you teach me to dive and swim underwater, I will make you a pahelwan! That is fair, isn’t it?”

     “That is fair!” said Ranji, though he doubted if he was getting the better of the exchange.
Later, the Warrior inquired if Ranji would teach him to swim underwater. On the other hand, Ranji informed him that he would teach him if the youngster were eager to learn from him. Then, the boy told him that Ranji must teach him to swim or else he would beat him.
The Warrior then asked Ranji to come to the pool regularly to teach him. Ranji agreed that he would if the Warrior liked to learn swimming from him. Later, they got out of the water and sat by each other’s side on a smooth grey rock.

After sitting on the rock, the Warrior introduced himself to Ranji and asked his opponent’s name. Ranji told his name to the Warrior. After exchanging names, Suraj stated that he was powerful and asked Ranji what he had to say about his fitness as he bent his arms so that his muscles stood out, stretching out of his white flesh. Later Ranji claimed that Suraj was a real wrestler.
The Warrior stretching out of his white flesh

Suraj, after that, slapped his legs and declared that he would one day become the world’s champion wrestler. He looked at Ranji’s small and hard body with judging eyes and told him that he was also powerful but had a slender body. Suraj then stated that people like Ranji didn’t eat enough. It implies that the ordinary would not eat like the wrestlers. He further called Ranji to have food with him and said he would drink one seer of milk every day. He told Ranji about their cow. He offered to help Ranji become a wrestler if Ranji agreed to become his friend.

Suraj said that if Ranji taught him how to dive and swim underwater, he would help Ranji become as strong as a wrestler. It means that he would help Ranji to become like him. Later he asked Ranji whether it was a good idea. Ranji then agreed that it was fair, although he doubted he was getting more benefit from it.
Meanings of the difficult words:
PahelwanA wrestler
ThighThe part of the human leg between the hip and the knee
Muscle One of many tissues in the body that can tighten and relax to produce movement
Champion Someone or something, especially a person or animal, that has beaten all other competitors in a competition
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