Suraj put his arm around the younger boy and said, “We are friends now, yes?”

    They looked at each other with honest, unflinching eyes, and in that moment love and understanding were born.

    “We are friends,” said Ranji.

    The birds had settled again in their branches, and the pool was quiet and limpid in the shade of the sal trees.

    “It is our pool,” said Suraj. “Nobody else can come here without our permission. Who would dare?”

    “Who would dare?” said Ranji, smiling with the knowledge that he had won the day.
Later, Suraj put his arm around Ranji and said that they were friends. The reason behind Suraj’s statement was that Ranji had agreed that he would help him to learn swimming. When Suraj intimated that they were friends, both of them looked into each other’s eyes with complete honesty and without blinking. At that particular moment, love and understanding emerged between the two boys. Ranji then replied that they were friends, indeed. By that time, the birds flew from the tree had come back to the branches, and the pool was still and clear under the shade of the sal trees. It implies that the pool was free from human existence, and the water became clear, so the birds came back to their place to rest under the trees.

Suraj exclaimed that it was their pool from now onwards, and no one else could use it without their permission. Later, Ranji agreed with Suraj’s thoughts. Through Suraj’s statement, one can understand what Suraj said to Ranji when he met him. At first, Suraj asked him to leave the pool, but when Ranji became his friend he gave permission to use the pool. Even after hearing Suraj’s agreement, Ranji repeated after him and said, “Who would dare?” Later, Ranji smiled with the thought that he had conquered the day.

Through this lesson, the narrator tends to say that Ranji had won the battle because of his perseverance. Also, the narrator stated that Ranji and Suraj realised that the best solution lies not in fighting with each other but fighting together for something. The term “fighting for something” implies that fighting together to achieve a good thing in life.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Limpid Of a liquid completely clear and transparent
Knowledge Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject
PermissionThe action of officially allowing someone to do a particular thing; consent or authorisation
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