However, later, one sentence spoken to me by my Principal changed my life.

     When I approached my eleventh standard, the Principal called me and said, “Look here, Son, I have been seeing you from day one. You are a good student, but you never studied. I have taken care of you till today. Now, I can no longer take care of you so you do it yourself.”

     He talked to me for five minutes, “You don’t have your father, your mother has worked so hard to bring you up and paid all your fees all these years but you have only played games. Now you should rise to the occasion and study.”
Then Hafeez remembered how a conversation with his Principal transformed his life. While studying in the eleventh standard, his school Principal had advised him to focus on his studies as he was a good student. The Principal also told him that he had taken care of Hafeez all this while, but now as a youngster, he should learn to take care of himself, and also he urged him to focus on his studies. Those words brought a change in young Hafeez as he followed the Principal’s advice.
The Principal had a conversation with Hafeez

The Principal spoke to Hafeez for five minutes. He reminded him about the financial stability of Hafeez's family. His father had died earlier, and his mother was the only one taking care of the family. She was working long hours to pay his school expenses. As a result, the Principal reminded him of his mother's struggles in raising him in life. He said that his mother had paid all of his school fees, book fees, and other expenses, but Hafeez should have studied harder in return. But here, for these many years, what he did was having fun and playing pranks on others. Finally, the Principal concluded by saying that Hafeez had wasted many of his years by playing. And now it was his time to prove himself as a worthy boy. So he should work hard to study well and raise himself as a good man.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Suffering The state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship
Conversation A talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which ideas or opinions are exchanged
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