Hafeez Contractor: In the first and second year I was a good student. After I reached the third standard, I simply lost interest and I never studied.

     I used to be interested in games, running around, playing jokes and pranks on others. I would copy in class during exam times. I would try to get hold of the examination paper that had been prepared and study it, as I could not remember things that had been taught to me in class.
When Ms Bela asked him about his school memories, Hafeez told her that he was a good student in the first and second standard. The term "good student" implies he was good at learning. However, when he got promoted to the third standard, he had lost interest in studying, and therefore he never studied.
While Hafeez was in third grade, he was interested in playing games, telling jokes, dashing around the school halls, and making practical pranks or naughty jokes on others. Hafeez's tendency to play in the class meant that he wouldn't be interested in studying. At the same time, he had the habit of copying in the exam hall. As a result, to pass the exam, he would copy from his classmates.
Hafeez had the habit of copying in the exam hall

Later, another trick used by Hafeez was he would try to get the questions papers prepared by the teachers, day before the exam. Then he would study that because he would not remember what the teacher had taught him in class. Moreover, he would forget things quickly because he lacked interest in learning, and he was deeply interested in playing.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Interest The state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone
Pranks A practical joke or mischievous act
Jokes A thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline
Copy A thing made to be similar or identical to another
Examination A formal test of a person's knowledge or proficiency in a particular subject or skill
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