'The Duck and the Kangaroo' is a poem by Edward Lear that belongs to the category of Nonsense poetry. The poem discusses about a duck who lives in a pond, wishes to travel around the world and seeks the help of a kangaroo. It is really excited to see the kangaroo hopping to different places. The duck who finds its own life boring wishes to hop like the kangaroo. The duck asks the kangaroo to give a ride on its back and promises that it would not disturb and only quack. It plans to go to different places above the land and sea. The kangaroo expresses its own concern that the cold feet of the duck on its body might bring bone diseases like Roomatiz to it. The duck gives a solution that it could wear socks, a cloak and light a cigar to heat up. They agree to this plan and happily move around the world for around three times.