The poem 'The Duck and the Kangaroo' by Edward Lear discusses the simple beauties of life. It revolves around the simple concept that when people love each other, they make a way to make each other happy. The story of the duck and the kangaroo talks about how people can be completely different from each other, without any similarities, yet help each other to be happy. It also showcases as to how the duck asks for the kangaroo's help rather than getting jealous of the hop. It asks to be carried around, to explore the world. One can see that the duck does not complain and curse about its situation and stay in the pond. Instead, it works on ways to accomplish its dreams. The duck finds a solution to the kangaroo's concerns rather than seeing it as a drawback. The poem thus talks about exploring the world with one's loved ones and making solutions to attain one's goal through a very simple concept.