And for all this, Evelyn won’t accept any hint of heroic achievement. “If you work hard and know where you are going, you’ll get there.” And she got right to the top, the world’s most sought-after multi-percussionist with a mastery of some thousand instruments, and hectic international schedule.
Evelyn received many awards for her musical talents. But she chose to remain humble. She did not think of it as any grand/enormous victory. She believed only in hard work. She believed if we know where we want to go and work towards it, we can reach our goals. With her firm belief, she reached great heights and went ahead to become a highly demanded multi-percussionist. Multi-percussionist is someone who can play many percussion instruments. Evelyn acquired complete knowledge (mastered) in playing a lot of percussion instruments. Since her performances were desired by people all over the world, she was always busy with her international travel and performances.
perc instruments.JPG
Percussion instruments
Meanings of difficult words:
hecticbusy, frantic
masteryacquire complete knowledge
heroic achievementhuge/enormous victory
sought-afterdesired by all, in demand
multi-percussionista person who can perform many percussion instruments
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