It is intriguing to watch Evelyn function so effortlessly without hearing. In our two-hour discussion she never missed a word. “Men with bushy beards give me trouble,” she laughed. “It is not just watching the lips, it’s the whole face, especially the eyes.” She speaks flawlessly with a Scottish lilt. “My speech is clear because I could hear till I was eleven,” she says. But that doesn’t explain how she managed to learn French and master basic Japanese.


Evelyn operates so easily and simply without any efforts - it was fascinating to watch. During the two-hour discussion, she did not seem to miss a single word. She watches the face, especially the eyes of the people to whom she speaks - to get the full meaning of what they say. Just seeing the lips is not enough for her. She jokes that men with bushy beards that cover their face give her trouble because she wouldn't be able to see most of the face, hidden behind the beard.

She speaks perfect Scottish accentuated with the characteristic rising and falling tone. She says her speech is clear because she could hear and learn the language until she was eleven years old. Over and above, she has managed to learn French and has acquired complete knowledge in basic Japanese language.

Meanings of difficult words:
intriguingarousing curiosity, fascinating
flawlesslyperfect, without defects
lilta characteristic rising and falling of the voice when speaking
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