As for music, she explains, β€œIt pours in through every part of my body. It tingles in the skin, my cheekbones and even in my hair.” When she plays the xylophone, she can sense the sound passing up the stick into her fingertips. By leaning against the rums, she can feel the resonances flowing into her body. On a wooden platform she removes her shoe so that the vibrations pass through her bare feet and up her legs.
In this part, Evelyn explains how music flows through all parts of her body. She says it pricks slightly in herskin, cheekbonesand even in her hair. She feels the sounds passing from the stick of the xylophone to her fingers when she plays it. When she leans against the drums, she feels the echoes flowing through her body. When she walks on a wooden platform, she removes her shoes and walks bare feet, to experience the vibrations that pass through her legs. It may be noted that xylophone also resembles a wooden platform; therefore, she might have wanted to experience similar sounds to that of her favourite instrument.
Meanings of difficult words:
tinglesa slight pricking
resonancesechoes of sound
pours inflows in
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