Not surprisingly, Evelyn delights her audiences. In 1991 she was presented with the Royal Philharmonic Society’s prestigious Soloist of the Year Award. Says master percussionist James Blades, “God may have taken her hearing but he has given her back something extraordinary. What we hear, she feels — far more deeply than any of us. That is why she expresses music so beautifully.”
Evelyn's audiences always enjoy her performances; they derive pleasure and satisfaction. She received the honourable Soloist of the Year Award from the Royal Philharmonic Society in 1991. Senior percussionist James Blades has complimented her saying that God may have deprived her of hearing, but he has given her something else unique and remarkable. Others can only hear, but she can "feel" music much better. He says that is the reason for Evelyn's beautiful music performance.
Meanings of difficult words:
delightsgives pleasure/satisfaction
prestigiousrespectable, honourable
extraordinaryunique, remarkable
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