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GERRARD: With you figuring so largely in it, that is understandable. By the way, what particular line of crime do you embrace, or aren’t you a specialist?
INTRUDER: My speciality’s jewel robbery. Your car will do me a treat. It’s certainly a dandy bus.
GERRARD: I’m afraid jewels are few and far between in the wilds of Essex.
INTRUDER: So are the cops. I can retire here nicely for a little while.
Gerrard told the intruder that by observing the intruder's actions, he could figure out that the reason for the intruder entering into his residence would be shocking. Then he asked what kind of crime the intruder specialised in, to which he answered that he specialised in "jewel robbery." He also told Gerrard that driving his car would be a delight since he thought his car was so stylish, suggesting that the intruder was set to steal the car. Immediately, Gerrard stated that jewels were seldom found in Essex, implying that an intruder visiting the region would be pointless because no jewels could be stolen in such a place. Moreover, Gerrard might have made the statement to let the intruder know that he doesn't have any jewels in his place.
Also, this suggests that Gerrard made a wise move in inferring the purpose of the intruder's entry into his cottage. Essex is a country in the east of England. Gerrard's cottage was situated within Essex. As he stated previously, the intruder was extremely clever, and he responded back by saying that, like jewels, cops were rare in Essex, so he could live there freely without being arrested by the cops.
The intruder's response reveals that he wasn't after valuables; instead he was seeking a safe place to retire and blend in. This also explains why he calls the car a treat: the car is not the goal but an incidental treat.
Meaning of difficult words:
Figure To think or guess something  
The wilds of An area where few or no people live
CopsA police officer
Retire To live for a quieter place
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