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GERRARD: You seem to have taken a considerable amount of trouble. Since you know so much about me, won’t you say something about yourself? You have been so modest.
INTRUDER: I could tell you plenty. You think you’re smart, but I’m the top of the class round here. I’ve got brains and I use them. That’s how I’ve got where I have.
GERRARD: And where precisely have you got? It didn’t require a great brain to break into my little cottage.
INTRUDER: When you know why I’ve broken into your little cottage, you’ll be surprised, and it won’t be a pleasant surprise.
When Gerrard learned that the intruder knew a lot about him, he made a sarcastic remark to the effect that the intruder had gone to a lot of trouble to get more information about him (Gerrard). He asked him if he (the intruder) might provide some personal information because the intruder knew so much about him. Gerrard also commented that the intruder was such a modest person who didn't speak much about himself. After hearing that comment, the intruder informed Gerrard that he could tell a lot about him.
The intruder again repeated his claim that he was smarter than Gerrard, that he had brains, and used his intelligence to do things. This time, Gerrard made another amusing statement, claiming that a job like getting inside Gerrard's little home required no intellect because it was not a big deal for him. On the other hand, the intruder was uninterested in Gerrard's remarks and told him that the reason he had broken into his home would not be pleasant for him.
Meaning of difficult words:
ModestNot talking too much about one's own abilities
Considerable Great in amount, size or importance
PlentyMore than enough
Break into a houseTo enter into a building illegally or by force
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