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A noun is a part of speech which refers to a person, place or thing, but it can also refer to an object, state, action or concept.
1. nurse
2. cat
3. party
4. oil
5. poverty
Now, let us look at some sentences containing "nouns":
1. Read the entire contract.
2. She got a bad grade.
3. Patience is an essential attribute.
Nouns from the lesson "Kathmandu":
  1. There is an atmosphere of ‘febrile confusion’.
  2. People trying to get the priest’s attention.
  3. Westerners struggle for permission to enter.
  4. Bansuris protrude in all directions.
  5. It weaves its own associations.
  6. On the previous occasions that I have returned home.
  7. Entrance for the Hindus only.
  8. We offer a few flowers.
  9. There is a sense of stillness.
  10. I would go by bus and train.
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