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A verb is a part of speech which indicates action. It can either be used as a supporting verb or a linking verb.
1. talk
2. walk
3. read
4. run
5. wash
Now, let us look at some sentences containing "verbs":
1. We need to produce a lot of evidence.
2. The dentist wants to extract my tooth.
3. She was reading a book.
Verbs from the lesson "Kathmandu":
  1. I get a cheap room in the centre of town and sleep for hours.
  2. visit the two temples in Kathmandu.
  3. Outside which a sign proclaims.
  4. We offer a few flowers.
  5. Some people are elbowed aside by others.
  6. A princess of the Nepalese royal house appears.
  7. Everyone bows and makes way.
  8. A fight breaks out between two monkeys.
  9. A corpse is being cremated on its banks.
  10. Washerwomen are at their work and children bathe.
  11. Film songs blare out from the radios.
  12. I enter a Nepal Airlines office and buy a ticket for tomorrow’s flight.
  13. It weaves its own associations.
  14. Certainly have not invested them with the significance I now do.