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     One Sunday afternoon, not long after I had started high school, I was sitting at home at our dining-room table doing homework. It was a cold and windy fall day, and we had a fire going in our fireplace. As usual, my red tabby cat was lying on top of all my papers, purring loudly and occasionally swatting at my pen for entertainment’s sake.
     She was never far from me. I had rescued her when she was a kitten, and somehow she knew that I was the one responsible for giving her ‘the good life’.
Despite the narrator's dislike for the new high school, he had no choice but to continue his studies there. Days passed. It was one Sunday afternoon. At the dining-room table, the narrator was doing his homework. Since the day was cool and windy, a fire was stoked by his mother in the fireplace. On top of the sheets of paper, the narrator's favourite cat slept. It was the narrator's only pet. It purred and pounded on his pen for no apparent reason other than to entertain itself. Generally, cats purr when they are happy. It might be because the cat was so happy to be with his master.
The narrator's worry.jpg
The narrator's worry
The narrator had rescued the cat when it was young, and the cat was so grateful to him that it never left his side after that. His pet cat was also a favourite of the narrator's. According to the narrator, it remained close to him while he protected it. Despite the happenings at his new school, the narrator's source of happiness was spending time with his beloved cat. A horrible incident awaited to occur in the narrator's home on that Sunday afternoon.
The narrator's cat 1.png
The narrator's cat
Meaning of difficult words:
Tabby cat A grey or brownish cat with dark stripes 
PurrTo make a continuous, soft sound
SwatTo hit something
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