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     My mother kept stoking the fire to keep the house nice and warm. Suddenly, I smelled something strange, and then I noticed it... smoke pouring in through the seams of the ceiling. The smoke began to fill the room so quickly that we could barely see. Groping our way to the front door, we all ran out into the front yard. By the time we made our way outside, the whole roof was engulfed in flames and it was spreading quickly. I ran to the neighbours to call the fire department, while I watched my mother run back into the house.
The narrator's mother had stoked the fire to keep the house warm and comfortable because the day was too chilly, but this developed into a major disaster for the narrator's family as mentioned earlier. Suddenly, the narrator became aware of a problem within his home.
The fire in the fireplace quickly spread, and smoke billowed from the ceiling, filling the entire room. Smoke was everywhere in a matter of seconds, and they couldn't see anything. When the narrator and his mother realised what was going on, they rushed to the front door and ran into the front yard. The roof had caught fire, which quickly spread. The narrator rushed to the next-door neighbours to call the fire service, but the narrator's mother ran back to their house. When the narrator saw his mother running towards the house again, he was taken aback.
Meaning of difficult words:
YardAn area outside the building
Engulfed To surround or cover something completely 
GropeTo find your way using hands because you cannot see
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