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     My mother then ran out of the house carrying a small metal box full of important documents. She dropped the case on the and, in a crazed state, ran back into the house. I knew what she was after. My father had died when I was young, and I was certain that she was not going to let his pictures and letters go up in flames. They were the only things that she had to remember him by. Still I screamed at her, “Mom! No!”
     I was about to run after her when I felt a large hand hold me back. It was a fireman. I hadn’t even noticed that the street had already filled with fire trucks. I was trying to free myself from his grasp, yelling, “You don’t understand, my mother’s in there!”
The narrator's mother had went back into the burning house for a reason. She made such a daring attempt to save some of the important documents from being destroyed by the fire, knowing full well that the fire could spread and destroy the entire house. She emerged from the room, holding a small metal box containing critical documents. She rushed back into the house again after dropping the metal box in the yard.
Since the narrator's father died when he was young, she was forced to collect his photographs and letters, which were his only memories. Even yet, when the narrator's mother entered the house, the narrator was scared and screamed at her to leave the burning house. The firefighters arrived near the narrator's house. Fearing for his mother's life, the narrator attempted to bring her back but was stopped by a firefighter.
On the street, there were numerous fire trucks parked. The narrator tried to free himself by explaining that his mother had gone inside the house and that he wanted to bring her back.
Meaning of difficult words:
Behaving in a wild or strange way
LawnAn area of grass near a house or in a park
YellTo shout or to make a loud noise
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