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     He held on to me while other firefighters ran into the house. He knew that I wasn’t acting very logically and that if he were to let go, I’d run. He was right.
     “It’s all right, they’ll get her,” he said.
     He wrapped a blanket around me and sat me down in our car. Soon after that, a fireman emerged from our house with my mom in tow. He quickly took her over to the truck and put an oxygen mask on her. I ran over and hugged her. All those times I ever argued with her and hated her vanished at the thought of losing her.
The firefighter was holding the narrator's hands so tightly and wouldn't let him go because he knew the narrator would rush inside to look for his mother at any moment. He was well aware that the narrator was overwhelmed with emotion and wasn't thinking clearly at that time and that he was going to put his own life on the line to save his mother. Furthermore, the narrator acknowledges that the firefighter was correct in that he would flee if the firefighter did not hold his hands since he was so concerned about his mother's safety. Other firefighters entered the burning house to assist the narrator's mother. The firefighter who was holding the narrator assured him that the other firefighters would assist his mother in rescuing her.
The firefighter wrapped the narrator in a blanket and forced him to sit in his car. A fireman emerged from the burning house, with the narrator's mother alive. Despite the fact that she was alive, the fire smoke she ingested made it impossible for her to breathe properly. The narrator's mother was taken to the fire truck and given an oxygen mask by the firefighter. The narrator ran up to his mother and hugged her by the shoulders. When the narrator saw his mother saved, his heart broke with joy. The possibility of losing his mother drove away all the unpleasant sensations he had against his mother.
Meaning of difficult words:
Blanket A soft piece of cloth made of wool, used as a bed covering
TowTo pull or drag someone or something
Vanish To disappear suddenly
LogicallyIn a way that uses reason
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