At this point Iswaran would leave the story unfinished, and get up mumbling, “I will be back after lighting the gas and warming up the dinner.” Mahendra who had been listening with rapt attention would be left hanging. When he returned, Iswaran would not pick up the thread of the story right away. Mahendra would have to remind him that the conclusion was pending. “Well, a veterinary doctor was summoned to revive the animal,” Iswaran would shrug casually. “Two days later it was led away by its mahout to the jungle.”
     “Well, how did you manage to do it, Iswaran — how did you bring down the beast?”

     “It has something to do with a Japanese art, I think, sir. Karate or ju-jitsu it is called. I had read about it somewhere. It temporarily paralyses the nervous system, you see.”
While narrating the story of the wild elephant to Mahendra, Iswaran left the story without finishing it. Iswaran in a soft voice said that he would return after lighting the gas stove because he wanted to warm the dinner.  Mahendra was very curious to know what happened next, but he felt disappointed that Iswaran had left the story unfinished. When he returned after warming the food, he did not continue with the same incident, as he wanted to create curiosity in Mahendra. Mahendra was eager to know how the story ended, but Iswaran wanted Mahendra to remind him to conclude the story. It shows that Iswaran wanted to know how curious was his master in listening to his stories.

When Mahendra reminded him about the same story, Iswaran said casually that a veterinary doctor was called to treat the elephant. The veterinary doctor brought the elephant back to consciousness. After two days, the mahout took the elephant back to the jungle.
The veterinary doctor brought the elephant back to consciousness
After hearing his exciting story, Mahendran had a few doubts in his mind. So he asked him how the young Iswaran managed to overpower the vast elephant and the method he followed to bring down the beast.

At that moment, Iswaran said that he probably performed Japanese martial art. He said it was called Karate or ju-jitsu. Iswaran added that he had read about it somewhere in a book. It was mentioned that a technique from the martial art would make a person unconscious and it could paralyse their body. At last, he said that he followed the same principle on the elephant and made it unconscious.
karate-4222983_1920 (1).png
Iswaran performed a Japanese martial art on the elephant
Meanings of the difficult words:
UnfinishedNot finished or concluded; incomplete
MumblingSpeaking or spoken in a quiet and indistinct way
Rapt Giving complete attention, or showing complete involvement
UnconsciousNot awake and aware of and responding to one's environment
Veterinary doctorA person who gives treatment for farm and domestic animals
Paralyses Cause a person or part of the body to become partly or wholly incapable of movement
Summoned Order someone to be present in a place
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