Not a day passed without Iswaran recounting some story packed with adventure, horror and suspense. Whether the story was credible or not, Mahendra enjoyed listening to it because of the inimitable way in which it was told. Iswaran seemed to more than make up for the absence of a TV in Mahendra’s living quarters.

     One morning when Mahendra was having breakfast Iswaran asked, “Can I make something special for dinner tonight, sir? After all today is an auspicious day — according to tradition we prepare various delicacies to feed the spirits of our ancestors today, sir.”
Every day Iswaran would narrate a story. The stories would be filled with adventures, horror and thrill. While Iswaran was telling a story to Mahendra, sometimes he felt that the story was real or unreal. Even though the story seemed true or untrue, he was never bothered about it. Instead, he would enjoy listening to his stories because of the unique way in which Iswaran narrated them. As there was no television in their room, these stories would entertain him. He was never bothered about the absence of television in their dwelling place. It was all because of Iswaran's storytelling skill.

One fine morning, when Mahendra was having his breakfast. Iswaran asked him whether he could prepare a special meal for dinner as it was a special day. Iswaran added that according to the Hindu tradition and belief, they would prepare different varieties of delicious food items, and offer them to their ancestors on a full-moon night. It is believed that the spirit of the ancestors would come to enjoy the feast. So, he asked Mahendra about the preparation of the special dinner.
Full-moon night
Meanings of the difficult words:
Recounting Tell someone about something; give an account of an event or experience
AdventureAn unusual and exciting or daring experience
Horror storiesA literary or film genre concerned with arousing feelings of horror
Credible Able to be believed; convincing
Inimitable Good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique
Tradition The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way
Delicacies Something especially rare or expensive that is good to eat
Ancestors A person, typically more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended
SpiritThe form of a dead person or similar to a ghost
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