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The lesson "The Beggar" was written by Anton Chekhov. The story opens with a beggar named Lushkoff was begging alms to an advocate named Sergei. The beggar said that he was a school teacher who had lost his job by a conspiracy of his colleagues. While seeing the beggar's appearance, Sergei remembered that he had seen him previously at Savodiya street, claiming that he was a student who was expelled from school. Sergei became angry after hearing his lies and told him that he would call the cop. Then Lushkoff admitted that he had told the lies, and he was a member of a Russian choir and was expelled out due to his drunkenness. After hearing the truth, Sergei asked him whether he would like to chop wood for him. Then Lushkoff accepted the offer and went along with Sergei.  Sergei asked his cook Olga to make the beggar chop wood. The beggar was unable to chop the wood because of the overconsumption of vodka. After some time, Olga informed Sergei that he had chopped all the wood. Lushkoff was paid after his job. Later, Sergei decided to shift his house. He asked Lushkoff to help him in packing the furniture. After that, he offered him some work in his friend's company. Two years later, Sergei met Lushkoff outside the theatre. Sergei felt happy on seeing his changes. Lushkoff said that he was changed because of the kind words and good deeds of the cook Olga.