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     For the next two days, Prashant sat huddled with his friend’s family in the open on the rooftop. They froze in the cold and incessant rain; the rain water washed away Prashant’s tears. The only thought that flashed through his mind was whether his family had survived the fury of the super cyclone. Was he to be bereaved once again?
     Two days later, which seemed to Prashant like two years, the rain ceased and the rain waters slowly began to recede. Prashant was determined to seek out his family without further delay. But the situation was still dangerous, and his friend’s family pleaded with Prashant to stay back a little while longer. But Prashant knew he had to go.
Prashant and his friend's family stayed on the rooftop for two days because they had no other alternative. To begin with, moving through a flood would be risky, and there was no guarantee that the flood would not worsen. Second, Prashant and his friend's family stayed on the rooftop for nearly two days since they were afraid of infection from the floodwater. It was extremely cold and they had no way to get out from the rain on the rooftop.
Prashant couldn't stop crying since he was terrified for his family's safety during that horrible storm. Prashant's concern grew as the number of people killed by floods increased. Despite the fact that he was in the midst of a potentially dangerous situation, his thoughts were entirely focused on the safety of his family. His dread of losing his family members began to enthral his mind since he had already lost his mother. He was pondering a slew of questions in his head. He feared if his family members would have survived the cyclone's devastation. He never wanted to lose another family member again.
The dreadful rain finally ceased after two days. As Prashant was away from his family for two days during the catastrophe, it seemed like two years to him.
Prashant decided to reach his family as soon as the rain stopped. As leaving at such a dangerous situation (flood) was risky, Prashant's friend's family pleaded with him not to go and to stay with them for a while until everything returned to normal. Prashant, on the other hand, did not want to be there. He wanted to visit and be with his family. His heart longed to see them alive.
Meaning of difficult words:
To come into your mind suddenly
BereaveHaving lost a relative who has recently died
CeaseTo stop
RecedeTo move away or disappear
Seek To try to find somebody or something
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