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     He equipped himself with a long, sturdy stick, and then started on his eighteen-kilometre expedition back to his village through the swollen flood waters. It was a journey he would never forget. He constantly had to use his stick to locate the road, to determine where the water was most shallow. At places it was waist deep, and progress was slow. At several points, he lost the road and had to swim. After some distance, he was relieved to find two friends of his uncle who were also returning to their village. They decided to move ahead together.
Prashant expressed his gratitude to his friend and his friend's family for providing him with a safe haven and taking such wonderful care of him, but he had to depart. He then began his journey back to his village. He resolved to travel to his village by walk, which was eighteen kilometres distant from his friend's house, as there was no other option for travel. He had picked a long, sturdy stick to use in that challenging situation and had begun his journey through the floodwater. There was water all around him, and it was an unforgettable, adventurous journey that he would never forget in his life.
He used the stick to identify the road because it was too challenging for him to notice the road. As there was a possibility of falling into pits in the ground, the stick assisted him in finding shallow places. There was no way of knowing where to step, as everything was fully submerged in water. He couldn't walk fast since the water was waist-deep everywhere. Even when he used the stick, he was not able to walk, as there were times when the water was too high. He had to swim to avoid drowning in it. After a time, he was relieved to be joined by two of his uncle's friends who were also returning to their village. They took a step forward as a team.
Heavy flood.jpg
Floodwaters that are several feet deep
Meaning of difficult words:
SturdyStrong and not easily breakable
EquippedHaving the necessary tools, equipment, etc. that is needed for a particular purpose
Ahead In front of
Progress Movement forward
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