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     Among the first people he saw in the crowd was his maternal grandmother. Weak with hunger, she rushed to him, her hands outstretched, her eyes brimming. It was a miracle. They had long given him up for dead.
     Quickly word spread and his extended family gathered around him, and hugged him tight in relief. Prashant anxiously scanned the motley, battered group. His brother and sister, his uncles and aunts, they all seemed to be there.
Prashant arrived at the Red Cross shelter, where he was hoping to see his family. His heart yearned to see them alive. His mother's death had already left him distraught, and he didn't want to lose another member of his family. In the midst of the cyclone survivors, he began looking for members of his family. Firstly, he saw his maternal grandmother. She looked weak but was relieved to see her grandchild alive. She happily stretched her arms, and tears started running down her cheeks. It seemed to be a miracle for her since Prashant's family had assumed Prashant would not survive the storm, just as Prashant had assumed his family would not survive the storm.
The news of Prashant's arrival circulated swiftly among Prashant's family members. Prashant's extended family gathered around him soon and hugged him in relief. He noticed that everyone seemed to be worried, hurt and injured. He met his brother, sister, uncles and aunts. Prashant was greatly relieved to find that his relatives were alive, just as his relatives were relieved to learn that Prashant was still alive.
Meaning of difficult words:
OutstretchedSpread out as far as possible
Battered Hurt or damaged
MotleyRefers to many different types of people or things
BrimTo be full of something
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