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     By the next morning, as he took in the desperate situation in the shelter, he decided to get a grip over himself. He sensed a deathly grief settling upon the 2500 strong crowd in the shelter. Eighty-six lives were lost in the village. All the ninety-six houses had been washed away. It was their fourth day at the shelter. So far they had survived on green coconuts, but there were too few to go around such a tumult of people.
Though Prashant was relieved that his family members were alive, the awful things he had seen when crossing the road from his friend's house to the shelter, as well as the cries of the crowd within the Red Cross shelter, had a profound impact on him. Despite the fact that his family was saved, he was concerned about those who had died and their relatives who were suffering the loss of loved ones. He was well aware that there were many people who needed help. There is a need for food, clothing, medicine, and other basic needs. His thoughts began to be dominated by the cries of others around him.
The next morning, after reaching the Red Cross shelter, he understood that he needed to overcome his emotions and take charge of the situation. Around 2500 people were accommodated at the Red Cross shelter, who were distraught since they had lost everything in the storm. Also, he came to know that eighty-six individuals had died in his village due to the terrible cyclone. The rainstorm washed away nearly all of their village residents. They had spent the past four days at the shelter. They had been eating raw coconuts, but that was insufficient due to the sheer number of individuals. He made the decision to help the needy.
Meaning of difficult words:
Grief Very great sadness
Tumult A loud noise produced by a large crowd of people
SurviveTo continue to live
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