Adjectives are of different types. They are:
  1. Adjectives of quality or qualitative adjectives
  2. Adjectives of quantity or quantitative adjectives
  3. Adjectives of number or numeral adjectives
  4. Demonstrative adjectives
  5. Interrogative adjectives
  6. Emphasizing adjectives
  7. Exclamatory adjectives
Let us study each one in detail
Adjectives of quality or qualitative adjectives are descriptive in nature. It describes the quality or a feature and gives additional information about the noun. It answers the question, "what kind of" noun is being discussed.
1. The wicked fox ran into the woods - here the adjective answers what kind of fox.
2. Chennai is a bustling city -  here, the adjective answers what kind of city.
3. He is an honest person - here, the adjective answers what kind of person.
Adjectives of quantity or quantitative adjectives give information about how much of the noun is being discussed. It tells the amount (or approximate amount) of the noun.
1. I ate a few bananas.
2. He claimed his half share of the property.
Adjectives of number or numeral adjectives answer how many things/people or the order of things/people are meant in question. It is further divided into three.
Numeral Adjectives.png
Numeral adjectives
Definite numeral adjectivesDenote an exact number.Cardinal adjective: One, two, etc.He had two books in his hand
  Ordinal adjective: First, second, third, etc.His first rank gained him respect all over the country.
Indefinite numeral adjectivesDo not denote exact numberAll, few, none.Mira had a few roses in her garden.
Distributive numeral adjectiveRefers to each oneEither, each, neitherEvery person should perform his national duties.
Demonstrative adjectives are used to point out something or someone. It answers the "which" question.
1. That cat is very clever - the adjective answers which cat.
2. Those fruits are ripe - the adjective answers which fruits.
Interrogative adjectives are used to ask questions, and it goes with the noun. What, which and whose are the generally used Interrogative adjectives.
1. Whose laptop is he working on?
2. Which is the best solution?
Emphasizing adjectives, as the name suggests, are used to emphasize the meaning. The generally used adjectives are "own" and "very".
1. It is my very first day in school.
2. He is his own boss.
Exclamatory adjectives are used to express strong emotions; the generally used adjective is "what".
1. What a huge mountain!
2. What a beautiful sight!