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The poem "I am Every Woman" is written by Rakhi Nariani Shirke. It talks about women’s multifaceted nature, strength, and innate beauty. The speaker begins the poem by declaring that today's woman is beautiful from within, and her beauty is innate. She is genuine and is a symbol of power and strength. She is strong in her faith and beliefs, and despite the shortcomings, failures, and disappointments she faces, today's woman is persistent and fearless. The speaker says that the woman is ready to see the summer of life in spring, meaning that she is strong and mature for her age and time. Even at a young age, she knows well to care for her dear ones and is up for any kind of risks and challenges. She knows to prioritise her needs and responsibilities, for she will easily choose her loved ones over herself at any time. On the other hand, she would fight like a lioness when approached by people with ill intentions. The speaker tells the readers to be aware of her potential and warns them not to play with her pride and self-respect. She can be both kind and a threat, like a coin with two sides. She is capable of thawing you with love or sawing you into pieces. She is today's woman, a woman who is multifaceted and multitalented, and hence, the speaker asks the readers to love her, respect her, and keep her near.