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A woman is beauty innate,
A symbol of power and strength.
She puts her life at stake,
She's real, she's not fake!
The poem "I am Every Woman" talks about the strength and beauty of a woman. The poem contradicts several myths about women, especially those perceived by men. It opens with the speaker declaring that a woman's beauty is natural and inborn. However, the beauty that the speaker is talking about is not physical. Rather, it is her strength and power. Often, a woman becomes objectified, making her a subject of physical beauty. On the other hand, a female perspective of a woman is different. Instead of being a symbol of beauty, she becomes a symbol of power and strength.

The third line of the poem, "she puts her life at stake", stands in contrast to the popular belief that women are more risk-averse than men.

It is never fair to group people into a single category. People are different, irrespective of gender. They lead different lives, and their struggles are different too. Hence, when the speaker described the woman as someone who puts her life at risk, the risk could be of any kind. It could be mental, physical, professional, or personal.
For instance, several women from India may have to put their work at risk to take care of their family, or vice versa. In certain other scenarios, they may have to put their health at risk (mental or physical) to balance their professional and private lives.
Finally, the speaker ends the stanza by declaring that she is real and not fake.
A woman is a symbol of power and strength
Meanings of difficult words:
Sl. No
Innate(Of a quality) which you are born with, or which is present naturally
SymbolSomething that is used to represent a quality or idea
At stakeAt risk
FakeA thing that is not genuine
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