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The poem 'No Men Are Foreign' by James Kirkup revolves around the concept that all human beings are equal in the world. Countries are separated with proper boundaries and governments. Each country has an army force to protect it from external dangers. But the poet says that the soldier from each country is still a human being with emotions and therefore is in no way different from each other, even if they are wearing different countries' uniforms. All individuals walk in the same land in which they are going to be buried after death. They are blessed equally by mother nature with natural resources like sun, water and air. They reap benefits from the harvests of the farmer, as food is what provides sustainability to the human, no matter how many lands they own. They work for it, and their labour is equally important. Although they project toughness from the exterior, love is the biggest power and conquer of all other strengths. They wake and sleep like all humans, which makes them similar with respect to basic needs and qualities. When people hate each other, they are betraying themselves as they do not realise that it is their own brothers that they are despising. When one wages wars, the earth is polluted. Therefore one needs to remember that no man is foreign and no country strange.