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The poem 'No Men Are Foreign' by James Kirkup emphasises equality in the human race. People grow in a society that teaches them to draw boundaries and hoard up things for themselves. They are taught to differentiate and judge others based on their choices and beliefs. But it is important to understand the truth that all human beings, irrespective of their country or culture, have the same emotions, likes and expectations from life. We are all a single body living on the earth. God did not create us with differences to fight and wage war against one another, but to exist and accept each other. Just like nature and God, one has to co-exist with all other creatures peacefully. War is only a method to possess materialistic possessions. One can conquer the world only through love. One must understand that drawing boundaries and claiming that people are foreign is absurd as we all belong to the human race. We are all temporary visitors and have to love our fellow beings as long as our stay is.