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A fable is a traditional story that teaches us a moral lesson. Usually the characters in the fables are animals. This poem ‘The Ant and the Cricket’ teaches us the importance of hard work and planning.
Fables are fictional stories with morals, usually involving animals as characters. It is a literary genre that is used to create stories to make morals easily reachable to all, especially children.
This poem "The Ant and the Cricket" is adapted from the famous book "Aesop's Fables". It is also known as Aesopica. Aesop is believed to be a storyteller who lived in Greece between \(620\)-\(524 BC\). Aesop's Fables became so famous that it was translated into many languages and sold a million copies worldwide. It has been \(2000\) years, and till date, the meanings of the stories hold true. It initially began as oral tradition and was many stories went unrecorded. Many famous stories such as The Woodcutter and the Trees, The Hare, The Cat and the Mice etc.
Cricket is an insect similar to a grasshopper that feeds on plants, leaves, vegetables and other insects.
A cricket
In this poem, the cricket is portrayed as a lazy insect that enjoys good times without thinking about the future. In contrast, ant, the usually active insect has been portrayed as a hardworking insect that saves resources for the future. The poet says there are four-legged and two-legged crickets in this world. Clearly, crickets are four-legged beings. To whom does he refer to as two-legged crickets? Does he refer to humans who do not think about the future and spend the present time carelessly? Let's get into the poem to know the answers.
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