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And so it were wisest to keep our feet
From wandering into Complaining Street;
And never to growl, whatever we do,
Lest we be mistaken for Grumblers, too.

Let us learn to walk with a smile and a song,
No matter if things do sometimes go wrong;
And then, be our station high or humble,
We'll never belong to the family of Grumble!
The poet talks about the ill effects of grumbling and the fact that people can easily be strayed away into imbibing the same habit just by staying with them for a long time. The effect of one's external sources or the people they attach themselves to shapes one's personality. The poet ends the poem with a warning note that it is always better to stay away from people who spread negativities and are never satisfied with whatever they have. Even if we get joyous by an event, they would give the situation a negative shade and hence it is even more troublesome.
It is important to walk with a smile
It is wise to keep ourselves away from the complaining street that the grumble family lives in so that we might escape the clutches of pessimism. The poet also clearly states that no one goes voluntarily, rather they might end up there by wandering. One must be wary of one's social circle all the time. We should never grumble for the minute discomforts we experience since that will make people believe that we are also part of the grumblers' family. Once we get branded, it is difficult to erase. Also, it is not wise to growl for everything, rather one must have a positive outlook on life. The poet says that people must learn to walk with a smile during times of trouble, indicating that worrying does not heal anything. Problems are common in everyone's life and sitting and complaining about them will not solve them. One should have a song in heart indicating that they should be brimming with joy and positivity the same way one feels when listening to music. It is quite usual for things to go wrong sometimes and it is up to us to make it a very negative experience or a learning experience. If we focus on the good and try to learn from the mistakes, and be satisfied with whatever we have, we can lead a happy life. Even if our station is high or humble, we will never belong to the grumble family if we have this positive outlook.
Words with difficult meaning:
WanderTo roam around without a certain purpose
ComplainingAlways being unsatisfied and finding fault
StrayTo move from place to place
ImbibeTo acquire
PessimismBeing negative
PersonalityThe qualities that make up a person's character
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