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The poet talks about an isolated house that instils curiosity in her in the poem 'The House on Elm Street'. The house stands alone in the street, and its whereabouts are unknown, creating a mysterious aura. Although it seems to have a lot of space inside, making it a mansion, it stills appears bare as there are no people living in it. Unlike other houses, this house seems alive at night with lights flickering. Although the poet wants to go inside and explore, she is consumed by fear and does not dare to. The poet sees the house regularly, as she drives past the house almost every day. It looks brighter on a summer May and haunts one's mind with its tone of suspense. The house has a tree next to it, adding to the spookiness, as it does not grow nor does it have any leaves. Initially, there were theories around the house, which were rumours. But the house faded away soon, as it ceased to be the topic of interest. The poet says that she will never know the whereabouts of the house and that it shall always remain a mystery.