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The poem 'The House on Elm Street' by Nadia Bush revolves around a house that stands alone, abandoned. The poet is curious to know what the history of the house is. The poem discusses the human tendency to be curious about the unknown things in the world. Most discoveries that are proving to be handy to human existence arouse from curious minds. She is aware that there is some kind of spookiness associated with the house and yet wants to explore it. The poem also talks about the fear that levies us down from exploring things. Although the poet wants to visit the house, she is prevented from doing so by fear. The fact that the house would have turned out to be like any other normal house if she had gone inside remains a question. This also reiterates the fact that certain things are interesting only if the answers are unknown and if it continues to remain a mystery. The poet does not find what is inside the house nor about its whereabouts until the final stanza of the poem, making it more interesting to the readers, as the uncertainty opens the space for different interpretations based on each one's personality.